"I have worked with Piotr Zawistowski on several interior / products / event photoshoots over the last 5 years. He is very creative, hardworking, always on time, reliable and has never let us down. I love his enthusiasm, he is a very kind and easy going person to work with- even when we have to face stressful deadlines. We would highly recommend 50Hz Photography."

– Arlene McIntyre | Creative Director

Interior photography services for Ireland’s premier interior design and furniture manufacturing firm.

Ventura’s work requires immense attention to detail, so the photography needs to match in order to portray it accurately. Through the creative use of wide-angle lenses, our photography displays the luxurious interiors and fine details created by Ventura, effectively and consistently.

Our interactive panoramic photography brings potential customers inside the spaces that Ventura has lovingly created.

Our immersive 360° panoramas enable Ventura to add another dimension to their marketing. Viewers can explore the finely-crafted interiors as though they were really there and zoom into every detail.

Close-up, unadulterated shots of Ventura’s individual handcrafted products to give them the attention they deserve.

To provide professional product photography for Ventura, we set up studios and shoot on location. This allows us to showcase Ventura’s beautifully-crafted furniture and chandelier products on clean, minimal backgrounds to promote them without distractions. These are ideal photos for online advertising, billboards, magazines and more.

Smooth panning shots that demonstrate the atmosphere of a space in a way that photography alone cannot.

With a keen eye for the best angles and by using the highest standard of equipment, 50Hz help Ventura display entire rooms and large spaces through video. These are the perfect videos for social media advertising, in showrooms, and at trade fairs.

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