High-quality product photography, videography and interactive content to complement and enhance your marketing strategy.

We offer a comprehensive range of visual media services to boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Through creative product photography, videography and striking interactive content, we help you to build desire from the ground up.

Our versatile portfolio reflects the striking power of our approach to visual marketing. We bring an eye for detail, quality and distinctiveness to every project.

We add value. We create demand. We get you noticed.





Fashion eCommerce Photography

Fashion. It’s all about looks.

Beautiful images sell fashion – it’s as simple as that. Get it right and everyone wants a piece. Get it wrong and you’ll be ignored.

50Hz provides premium-quality visual media and product photography for fashion to promote your products in the light they were meant to be seen. We provide complete eCommerce packages including makeup, hair and styling services, an eCommerce photographer, and product photography for online shops.

We are experienced working with adult and child models, props, varied locations and a huge range of products. Our photographers are capable of producing thousands of images in a single day. Clients can then choose the best shots from an online gallery. Within 48-hours of shooting, we’ll deliver professionally-retouched, ready-to-use photographs.

We’re available to shoot on location where we can build a professional photography studio setup. Alternatively, we can work from our in-house studio.

We work with you to find the true value in your products. We tailor our approach to showcase that unique value, front and centre.


In addition to our signature white and grey background for eCommerce photography, we offer clients a more stylized approach.

These stylized shoots can bring out the unique features of fashion and can give your marketing a powerful edge. This service is well-suited to more diverse marketing streams, such as banners, print media, newsletters and more.

Your dedicated eCommerce photographer can even set up and complete a full stylized shoot back-to-back with a standard shoot on the same day, saving you time and causing minimal disruption.


Product Photography

Your products deserve to be seen.

Our minimal approach to product photography and packshot photography displays your items without distractions. Clean white and grey backgrounds, perfect lighting and true colour reproduction give every product a touch of enticing luxury. If you require a more conceptual idea for a campaign, we can partner with designers to help their visions come alive, and are available to produce videos for eCommerce.

With experience working with all sizes and niches of businesses from small independent retailers to marketing agencies and large-scale retail giants, our work will get you noticed. We can reliably create professional photography for online shops, billboards, TV, magazines and all other effective advertising media.

Our team is comfortable with demanding workloads, and we’re able to handle multiple large projects simultaneously. Using either a pop-up studio built on location or our in-house studio, your designated product photographer will work to industry-leading eCommerce photography standards.

We are experts in capturing the perfect shots to show off the best features of any product.


360° Panoramas and Virtual Tours

Take your product marketing to the next level.

Static product photography is just one way to get your products seen. 360° panoramas for eCommerce are a hugely effective tool, suitable for all sorts of products from cars to planes and everything in between.

Our product photographers specialise in creating high-quality interactive 360° panoramas that pull the audience one step closer to the product. You also have the option of combining multiple panoramas into a virtual tour to make the experience even more immersive.



Add some motion into the mix.

Our award-winning videography team works with companies of any size to produce marketing videos that showcase products in a deeper, more personal way than is possible through photography alone.

Made using the best professional-grade equipment, expertise and editing software, our promotional videos are the ideal marketing format for online shops, TV ads, Instagram and other social media platforms.