"We are working with 50Hz Piotr over a series of photographic projects, ensuring a consistent brand look, season to season, on our product ranges from all the major sportswear brands including Nike, adidas, Puma, asics, Reebok, Under Armour and more.50Hz Piotr has delivered imagery for multichannel purpose and has been used for outdoor advertising, in-store POS and online.On each project we exchange feedback on all aspects which helps deliver the best results.Piotr often works out of our warehouse space, recreating a typical studio set with lighting and backdrops, which offers us more space and flexibility when coordinating samples.The web platform 50Hz Piotr offers to select, edit and order images is very easy to use and helps quick turnaround times especially for projects with hundreds of images."

– Anne-Marie Hanly | Senior Marketing Manager, Intersport Elverys

Product photography for eCommerce on minimalistic backgrounds to exhibit products tastefully and professionally.

We utilised soft, light grey backgrounds to provide distinctive shots. Shooting individual products as well as child and adult models, we developed a style specially developed for Elverys. For this work, we set up a permanent studio on location. This technique proved both convenient and cost-effective for the client and produced some excellent results.

Banner photography for diversified marketing strategies.

To accommodate promotional campaigns using online shop banners, newsletters, and a range of other print and online channels, we provided Elverys with a selection of more varied styles. Our efficiency and professionalism allow us to produce these varied styles on the same working day as the standard e-commerce photography.

An efficient workflow that gets impressive results fast.

We worked efficiently alongside the Elverys-supplied makeup artists, stylists and hairdressers to produce a high-end shoot. Our dedicated Elverys photographer captured thousands of images, provided an online gallery for clients to choose from, then delivered a large volume of expertly-retouched images within 36-hours of the shoot.

Eye-catching photography for print marketing.

We have provided Elverys with a range of photographs for print marketing across various print channels. This includes shop displays, billboards and more, helping the brand to rapidly gain broad exposure.

Bespoke packages designed to make websites that stand out.

To invigorate the Elverys website and online store, our designated Elverys photographer delivered a range of tailor-made photography sets. These packages add an atmosphere of style and professionalism to the website. This helps to promote the brand more effectively and create a desire in the audience.

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