Showcase interiors, architecture and exteriors in new ways with our range of interior photography and architecture photography services.

50Hz Photography has provided high-quality interior and architectural photography services to clients in Dublin and Ireland for over 15 years.

Invite your audience to see the best features of any building or interior with our stunning architectural, exterior, and interior photography.

From interactive virtual tours and time-lapses to aerial drone shots, we are experts in providing beautiful and unique visual media for marketing.

Our services are perfect for interior designers, landscape architects, building and architecture firms, hotels, decorators, landscape gardeners and any businesses with a desire to promote spaces or structures. Bring out the beauty of any location in an innovative style.








Interior - Architecture - Exterior Photography

Interior Photography is the number one way to quickly and effectively communicate the atmosphere and feeling of any space to an outside audience.

Interior photography is most used in advertising, tourism, real estate, residential interiors, and interior design. They are excellent support for printed marketing materials, advertisements on the Internet and are more commonly used on websites. It seems impossible to rent a flat, hotel for vacation, buy and sell real estate without professional photography. Similarly, when you want to arrange an apartment, you are often inspired by photos.

Our interior photographer is experienced working with a broad range of businesses in Dublin and across Ireland to promote their spaces via our exterior, architecture and interior photography services. We’ve helped create successful marketing materials for interior designers, engineers, architects, decorators, contractors, hotels, product manufacturers, and more.

Our interiors photographer and architecture photographers from Dublin can produce work suitable for all marketing channels. That includes newspapers, magazines and other print media, billboards, websites and online advertising and more.

Whatever the project, we will work with you to develop original campaigns that turn heads and drive sales.


360° Interior Panoramas & Virtual Tours

Bring your space to life with our high-quality 360° panoramic photography and virtual tours. Our tours, created by a professional interior photographer, are perfect for displaying the work of interior designers, architects, engineers and more.

Give your viewers the option to navigate around a 3D environment at the touch of a button. Zoom in and out to observe tiny details, interact with embedded images, videos and sounds, and explore as though they are really there. Combining multiple panoramas, we can also create virtual tours, adding another layer of reality to the viewing experience.

This interactive element of our interiors photography helps to engage the audience and makes the decision to buy all the more compelling.


Interior Videos Production

Promotional videos for interiors, exteriors and architecture represent the ultimate in persuasive visual marketing of physical space.

Our marketing videos produced with skilled directors and professional equipment allow you to guide the viewer through space at will. Highlight the individuality of a building, linger on the most impressive features and take them on a persuasive journey to encourage desire.

50Hz provides video marketing solutions for every situation. Videos can include engaging features such as soundtracks, narration and scriptwriting. Let our experienced and award-winning videography team from Dublin promote your architecture, exteriors and interiors.


Interior Photo Retouching

We offer professional post-shoot photo retouching and editing services using only the most advanced software tools on the market. Our experienced team carries out all the work independently in our new photo studio in Dublin city centre.

Our expert editors can fulfil almost any request. Choose simple photo enhancement, edit new objects or people into a shot, change wall colours, add fire to fireplaces and more.
Promote your business in the best possible light, every time.


Drone Services

Some buildings and landscapes are best seen from the air.
We utilise the latest drone technology, along with fully licensed and insured professional pilots. Get stunning aerial photography and videography in HD and 4K.

Drone photography and drone videos are fast-growing and high-impact marketing techniques, and they are both excellent options for showcasing large-scale projects. Companies such as construction firms, hotels, landscapers will benefit, as well as anybody looking to promote a building or space from a fresh, modern perspective.

We have made dozens of aerial shots for our clients in Dublin and all over Ireland, which has invaluable support for their marketing campaigns. Let our expert architecture photographers make the most of your buildings and exteriors.



No other marketing tool is capable of portraying progress like a timelapse.

Our timelapse, created by a professional interior photographer or architecture photographer, give viewers an insider view of any project from start to finish. They are ideal for showing the detailed process of constructing a new building, redecorating an interior, or any other gradual change.

Timelapse videos are an impressive feature for any website, online advert, TV advert or another visual marketing campaign.
If you feel that time-lapses could be helpful for your marketing campaign, contact our 50Hz Photography team in Dublin today. We will answer every question and advise you on the ideal service.