Virtual Tour / 360 Panorama


High quality Spherical Panoramas and Virtual Tours

So what’s it all about with those “Virtual 360° (spherical) Panoramas and Virtual Tours”?

Interactive Assets for hotels, pubs, discos, sport centers etc. Ready and easy to embed in any website, desktop and also mobile friendly.

A 360° (spherical) panorama is a three-dimensional scene viewed by the visitor from a central position while rotating around a 360° axis. It encompasses an entire spherical view where the viewer can rotate horizontally and vertically, as if they were within the real-world environment.

Two or more spherical panoramas connected together are know as a “Virtual Tour”. Virtual Tours enable visitors to move through three-dimensional space from one location to other with just a few mouse clicks via a user friendly, intuitive navigation system. This enables the user to become completely immersed in the photograph, allowing him to explore the environment shown in an attractive way.

What’s the benefit?

Interactive content in your marketing strategy is always an important element. Attracting your clients with modern presentation by guiding them through your hotel, restaurant, pub, disco, sports center, office, property to rent/sale etc. increases your sales potential. Everything is done easily in a cost efficient and convenient way. The possibilities are nearly infinitive – practically any environment can be shown as a 360° panorama in an appealing way helping you achieve your objective.


360° Spherical Panoramas and Virtual Tours completed by 50Hz Photography are made with the highest attention to detail and quality. Images can be shown in high or low resolution format depending on the project needs. High resolution allows visitors to see fine details of the panorama using zoom functionality, while low resolution reduces zoom function to the desired level. Panoramas can have embedded pictures which enlarge on mouse hover, sound or even video playing as well as custom navigation systems designed to feature your company’s brand.

The finished product is compatible with desktop and mobile devices and easy and straightforward to embed into existing websites or any other projects.

The Photo Shoot

Before the photo shoot what do I need to do?

Before we undertake the photo shoot we would recommend that you clean up your place to photograph so that it is presentable in the photographs. But remember everything should look like it does on a normal working day.

How much time will the photo shoot take?

The time spent in the photo shoot will depend on the size of your place to photograph. In most cases it will take an hour but this can also vary due to the size of the business.

What will you photograph in my business?

We will photograph the areas of your business open to customers. We will work with you to help you decide which areas would be best for the photo shoot. The main goal of the photo shoot is to highlight the area of your business that customers would see on an average working day.

Will my business be disrupted by the photo shoot?

Our photo shoot will cause as little disruption as possible for your business. Whatever time is most convenient for you is the time that our Trusted Photographers will work. We don’t use any bulky specialist equipment but instead use non-intrusive equipment that won’t interfere with your normal working day. We would recommend that you let your customers know that a photo shoot will be taking place – to give them prior notice to help avoid walking into the photographer’s shots.

Will the photographs include people?

We aim to keep the focus of the photo shoot on your business and have as few people as possible in the shots. If required, our photographers may put up a sign in your business to ley customers and employees know that a photo shoot is taking place. We would also recommend that you notify your employees and customers that a photo shoot is taking place.

Google Virtual Tour

In addition to high quality spherical panoramas 50Hz, offers “Google Virtual Walk”, which makes businesses visible in google maps, StreetView and Google Search Engine. Our certified Google photographer will document and optimise your business for Google, making it highly visible in the search engine and Google maps. This is a desirable way to market your company or premises, and is perfect for search engine optimisation.

That inviting-looking button below will help you to contact me so I can answer any your questions. You can also take a look on portfolio to see some recent panoramas.