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Photographic enhancement to suit your advertising strategy

Product Photography, Corporate, Interior / Exterior

50Hz Photography offers a diverse range of product photography and corporate photography services, tailored to fit each client’s individual needs. We cater to a broad range of clients from business backgrounds. These include start­ups, small, medium and large companies – as well as advertising / marketing agencies.

We work closely with our clients to create images that are crafted to their specific needs. Each project is approached by our photographers with a collaborative spirit, as well as the creative energy required to deliver the desired images for your company or individual project.

Quality Services

50Hz Photography offers the professional services required to showcase your product a creative and marketable fashion. Through our personalised consultations, you can elect to have your product photographed in a variety of different ways.

Our studio is fully stocked with a broad range of invisible mannequins, racks for clothes, backgrounds and lighting equipment. We can also provide any background color that you may desire for your project.

Our product photography services are ideal for online shops, catalogues and for inclusion with any graphic design related material. We strive to offer a creative approach for product photography that will simply amaze viewers and benefit your business.


Some of our commercial services include:

Fashion E-commerce Photography

Consult with our professional photographer to create a marketable and meaningful context for your e-commerce photographs. We possess the knowledge required to enhance design, display functionality and highlight the clothing details required to capture a successful image. Our e-commerce photographer is well versed on the intricacies of directing a model to pose correctly for catalogue and web based material. Up to 1000 images for your website will be ready, from start to finish, within 48 hours. Take advantage of our highly efficient workflow, with private access to our personalised online galleries.




Product Photography

Invest in our years of industry experience to showcase your product in a creative and innovative manner. We constantly strive to realise your vision and brand identity to the best of our ability. All products can be shot against our wide range of seamless studio backgrounds (in any colour that you require), along with any props or staging necessary to realise your concept. Take advantage of our creative client consultations and e-commerce experience. Our efficient workflow guarantees your images fast, with access to personalised online galleries. Have your images shot against a seamless white background and get delivered in days!




Beverage Photography

Advertise your beverage in a contemporary light, utilising our well equipped studio. We pride ourselves in taking an open and creative approach to beverage photography. Our studio utilises fashionable backdrops and surfaces, appropriate for showcasing e-commerce photography to its maximum potential.




Invisible / Ghost Mannequin Photography

Our studio is fully stocked with invisible mannequin busts, designed to display your product’s form and maximise merchandising possibilities. We provide a large amount of choice in regard to studio backdrops and colour schemes that will appeal to any brand.


Jewellery Photography

Advertise your jewellery in an eye-catching and desirable manner. We have a broad range of seamless studio backgrounds and reflective surfaces available, allowing us to photograph your jewellery in a contemporary and appealing style. Rely on our packshot photography experience, guaranteeing you a speedy and productive workflow from start to finish. We strive to provide clients with high end imagery, perfect for advertisements on web and/or print based media.




Interior / Exterior Photography

Our photographers are available to travel directly to your premises, with the aim of capturing your space with a hint of contemporary flair. We specialise in photographing commercial images for web, catalogue and print – intended to market your property in the light in which it was meant to be seen. Our studio is also fully stocked with portable lighting solutions, to illuminate darker interior space.




Food Photography

Our food photographers are available to travel directly to your business, with the latest in professional camera equipment and portable lighting solutions. We offer clients bespoke images of their choosing, seasoned with creative compositions to suit their brand identity.





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